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Because there's a huge crowd of people, the encounter becomes more treasurable. 因为有一大群人,遇到更珍贵。

i like spring best because there are b...的中文翻译_ i like spring best because there are beautiful flowers every where 我最喜欢春天,因为有美丽的花,每一个地方

你好! because it's there 因为它在那里

because 是连词,后面接句子 because of 是短语,后面接名词或短语I stay at home because it rains heavily.I stay at home because of the heavy rain.

Because of it,so there is so ,since has become since ,why say why? 正因为如此,所以有,因为已经成为以来,为什么说为什么?

“你们为什么要去登珠穆朗玛?” 82年前,一位记者问英国登山家乔治·马洛里。 “Becauseitisthere。”他说。。。

not because there is no applause and lost their own dreams的中文意思为: 不要因为没有掌声,而丢掉自己的梦想。 例句: 1. There is no clear and unbiased information available for consumers. 消费者没有清晰明确、不偏不倚的信息可以...

当然可以! It's because there is a faith in his heart to support him learning well. 就是因为他心中有一个信念在支撑着他好好学习。 在前面,也可以有 there be 句型。 There are lots of parents that are despondent because they have a...

三长一短就选最短,三短一长选最长.两长两短选B,参差不齐C无敌 所以,答案应该是BB

Because there are pretty flowers. 因为这里有漂亮的花。

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