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你好! take China down 扳倒中国

take it to china直接翻译为:把它带到中国 take [英][teɪk][美][tek] vt. 采取; 拿,取; 接受(礼物等); 耗费(时间等); vi. 拿; 获得; n. 镜头; 看法; 收入额; 场景; it [英][ɪt][美][ɪt] pron. 它; 他; 正好是所需的; 事实[...

You can take it to China. 你可以带它去中国


Can i take it to China? 是疑问句。我可以带它去中国吗? I can take ti to China. 是肯定句。我可以带它去中国。 不一样的。 希望采纳

英语 how china aims to take over hollywood 中文 中国的目的是接管好莱坞

When people talk about China, they often think of many great Chinese people such as Confucius, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Yuan Longping and so on. All of them made a great contribution to making China better.When people talk ab...

Ivey不知道什么意思。。。另外例子的前后转折关系不够严谨。应改为... Take China for example, although the academic education processing in Chinese top universities is excellent, the practical infrastructures such as workshops and ...

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